Thursday, December 13, 2012

netbook reflection

This is easy when I started using this tool it helps me learn and progress and I like it alot most of the time. I like it when we got to take it home because I have to work on it at home to catch up sometime. It is fun and cool to us this tool to help us I got my net book in 2011 and my netbook is still all rate but the only thing is the on and off button it deep.

This year was great because I liked doing maths whizz it really help me and now I’m second in maths age.
I also like xtramath its fun sometimes when I'm moving up it helps me to learn my times, pluses,subtraction and division. Studyladder also helps me to, we have a reading and maths one.

Things I hate are like when it does kill pages on chrome and when you have to turn it on it takes for age.  I also hate it when it goes fullscreen then it stays like that and you have to want for 2 days.
I hate the hinges to because its easy to break and it makes my netbook screen red.
Plus the sound isn't loud enough and webcam it sounds like a little voice .

Thank-you for buying us netbook for school I really appreciate it it was so fun using this tool and easier than book and pensie. I’m looking forward to next year when we work on it this year was fun I hope we have funner time next year.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012


Obama wins election of 2012 he is heeding to his second term and this is awesome I like Obama because. He all ways knows what to do were to do it and how to do it and mitt did deserve it but it's up to the citizen's of the united states to vote. Did you know that Mitt Romney is a Mormon I looked it up you shod to.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Trick or treat

On Wednesday I went to my grampa's house on my bike and played whit my friends. After playing whit them we went to Trick or treating and we went to house I was a monster and we went. We went to a big house and it was weird we went there and they told us to do a trick to get a treat and I sang ABC it was funny.  After I sang a song I got alto of treat's

Then we went to the big two store house so we can get Lot's of treat's. We went down there it was a long walk I was so lazy. When we got there I ran to the house so I can get treat's. It was funny when people said get lots to people I falt sore for them.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

At the mall

On laber weekend I went to the mall at silver park whit my family and we all got 50$ to spend and my sister went but I had to go whit my mum and dad. So then I went and I went past a lot of shop's then I went to a shop but all the jeans were to big their was noting for me. Then I went to what for my sister's to came.

When they came I was going to go to look at more shop's but to late we were going I was sad but my dad it going to get me something that made me happy. Then when we were going home my mum give me 10$ to go and get me some food and I when fast when I got their the line was so enormousness. I buy'd me a lamb burger it made me fool.

Thursday, October 18, 2012


This is my car it's a corvette it can go up to 500 ph that is fast.

Thursday, September 13, 2012



In the holidays I went to my grandpa's house and played with the cat. Then later on, my mum called out to me and said lunchtime. So then I bring my food outside to eat and I gave some of my food to the cat then he sneeze oh no and then one minute later I sneeze oh no dammit.

But it was too late I sneezes and I blew the sky tower over wow. That is strong I Am all the way down here and it’s all the way down there. I think I have the biggest sneezes in the world a mum umm I think so ???  you bet son I think you the best sneezes you got to go to the star chip to get an appointment. Then when he got out the docter said you have to drink a midesan but yak.

My mum heard my sneezes from the back room. She said was there earthquake in here or something no it’s just my horrible sneezing. She looked at the room and, the books fallen over pencil case fall holes on the wall the light fall over it was just disgusting like a pig star room.

This room is not plest to sleep in now you have to clean this room up now I am timing you now half an hour so then my mum went to the fort and watch tv. Then later on she went to the back room it was worse than before she was angry. The I went outside and I sneezes I went to town sneezes I am at landion at the olympics stadium the guards was looking for me and then sneezes back to home that was cool. Then I work up wow that was all a dream that was awesome The end

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Youth town

When we were on the way to Youth Town everyone was talking in the bus. Then when we were in the city we saw a very big building in the city. We quickly raced outside and got into two lines as we were itching to get inside!

When we entered the doors I could smell the pools . We were the first ones to go into the pools but I did not want to go because if you did not want to swim you could play table tennis, Pool, Table Soccer and Basketball. I played table tennis for more than an hour. It was hilarious!

Then the main bit was that we finally got to make clay art. It was so fun. We got a pencil and started to make a design. I made a flower and some samoan patterns too. Once we had finished we got to make it colorful by adding coloured glass.


Misa family

This came from Misa family I like it because it is the chair of life.  

Monday, June 18, 2012

Art Alive

There was a boy that had a can of spray paint. He also had a piece of paper and he started to paint. He was very good. He painted like a pro. At first it looked like rubbish to me then it started to look like a planet Mars. It had so much detail at the end it looks so good!

Monday, June 11, 2012


Hi my name is James and I am from Samoa. There are heaps of cool things there. You can plait a string and make it into a skipping rope. The beautiful island of Samoa is so hot because we are very close to the sun and the temperature of Samoa to day on Jun 11 is 30°C. It is so cool in samoa it’s a fantastic place to have a rest.

My Swimming Animation

This is my swimming movie that I made about me swimming at the pools in GI.

Monday, May 7, 2012


When we walked to the pools we could hear lots of rustling plastic bags. When we walked through the pools I got greeted by chlorine. I saw lots of life guards as I walked threw the automatic doors.

First we had to go and get rinsed  and wet ready for the pools. I always go into the freezing shower. Then I sat down on the bench.

Ms S told group one to get in the pool. It was so warm in the pool. We had to put our heads in the water. The teacher gave boards to us to swim with. We were swimming across doing freestyle. I always forgot to put my head in the water.

It is fun swimming.

Monday, April 30, 2012

My Holiday

In the holiday I went to Waiwera pools. When we were waiting I was so exciting Because it was my first time going there. When we entered we looked for a place to put our staff it then we got caged in to my swimming togs then we went to the aquarium.

Then we went to the slades first I went to the greenslade it was scary when I got to the boten there was a whater bloging the exit. Then I went to the yoly slid it was dip pot it is whay first then the green slid it was like fast as a tiger. then we went to the lazy river it was pite lazy but Cezer put some water on me then I was not lazy at all.

When it was night time we went to the move pool and listen to the song my favorite song was Is anyone out there i like that song it's the bom. Then we went to the black hole it makes you head hit to side a lot  it is so annoying. You have to hold your head with wher hand when I got to the bottom I made a big bom.

When we were on our way home we went to BK to have dinner it was so nice for the drink I had coc. the burger was so big. Then we got in the car and drive back home.


Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Corvette and Lamborghini

I love cars one of my favorite cars is corvette I like that car because it is strong and fast. I like lamborghini because its the top five fastest car in the wold. Did you know the lamborghini got indented by a bull so if a bull was int alive the lamborghini wooden't be made.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

All About Me

Hi my name is James. I am nine years old my birthday is march 22 and I am a Samoan. my favourite subject is sports. I love rugby that is my favourite.

I Like Peter he my favourite singer he sings My baby. My favourite movie is Steep up 3. I like playing need for speed the run.My hobbies is playing rugby with my friends.

My friends are Neo, Mikaiah, Junior and Jayden. I like eating ice ceam. I like cars because I love raceing.