Friday, December 13, 2013

Prize giveing

Looking at the crowd thinking about how scared I'd be performing in front of all of those expressly in front of my family. I was excited to find out who got academics award. Mr burt said “drum roll please third out of all is Isara Nua and Tyla Marie. I was surprised that it was a boy I thought it was going to be two girl. “Then second over all is Gloria!!”. Drum roll please first academic gose to Kaycee!!!!!!!.

"It's time for the year 7 item!!" I was shy all of a sutinen. When I walked up on the stage I said to myself think that my brother was there and shine like a bee. The song came on and I was still shy then it was my turn in the play. I walked up strong and did my part. Then it came to the end when I come to the front and dance.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Atcion world

This is a song that me Paris and Makaiaha made.
I wrote the lyrics and Makaiaha

Friday, November 22, 2013

Future Aspiration

Preparing for our future well we are young is a good start off. I learnt that from the future aspiration. There was a boy about my age and his name is Trent he is so brainy that he finished his year thirteen maths and he is only a year 7. He said working out a equation all day is better than playing games all day.

walking over to the street thinking about how good will the next speaker will be. As I sat down he said lets play a quick game I was excited about the game but then he said it a quiz “oh” I said then he said Mosa said “ If you get the question right you’ll get some money” Then I was engaged to get the question right. He said some funny questions like “why did I dye my hair black.

Thursday, October 31, 2013

My mihimihi

This is my mihimihi for assembly

Kia ora tatou
Greetings to you all

Kua hui mai nei
(who) have gathered here

Ki tenei huihuinga
to this gathering

Ki te mihihihi
to greet

Ka nui te koa
the happiness

i te aroha
The love

Mo to koutou maia
for your strength

ki te huihui mai
in assembling/gathering

ki te korerorero
to discuss

i nga mahi
the work

e pa ana ki tenei hui
concerning this gathering

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

My first day of school

On the first day of school I was so pumped I can't wait to go to school. When I was walking to class I was so happy so I ran thir. When I got to school I was shy and scared Then the teacher showed me around the class. Then After That I Meet two annoying boy’s there name’s were Lukis and Even. They were like my best friends but then I just found out they were twins.

Then it was writing time I had to write about the weekend “But I dont know how to spell” Even said. When we finished writing some people got to got to Mr Brut to get a sticker for writing good. Then it was lunch time I didn't know how to play with so I stayed with Even and Lukis. We played ball tag on the park. When I ran away from Lukis I ran into a big kid then he started to pick on me.

Then the bell rang and then Even said lets go back to class now so we ran back to class. When we got back I was maths time I love maths I could do pluses but not take away so I hoped there were no take aways. When I got my paper there were take aways. I was struggling on take aways but I go seven out of ten. Now it’s home time yaa!

Monday, October 21, 2013


Last week on a Saturday morning I had to wake up early around about 5:00 am. My my said (get ready we're going to Nana and Papa’s house) but I thought were going down to Hamilton. When we got to Nana and Papa’s we parked the car in the back. Then we went to my Papa’s car and then it made sense were going in papa’s car down to Hamilton.

Then we set off. When we got on the motorway I saw a yellow Ferrari. It was going fast up to 130 mph. I was just listening to the radio then all of a student I lost signal that means I’m in Hamilton. I got car sick and I became dizzy then I ate some chips and then I felt better.

When we got to the temple I saw my friend Sione. We went on Sione’s computer and watched ‘Planes’ it’s like ‘Cars’ but turned into planes.
After that we went and played handball for a bit then we played with his sling shot. I sling shot him and then he started to cry.

My mum and dad came out then they said were going home now so then I said bye to my friend. When we left I said can we go to Pokeno for ice-cream. My papa said yes. When we got to Pokeno I said I wanted four scoops of ice-cream. It was massive. Then when we got home I was tired and I fell asleep straight away.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Four shot movie

Hi my name is James and my partner is Mikaiah we are making a four shot movie. Our movie is about the magic water.

Friday, September 27, 2013

Where I'm from

Where I’m from I can smell the the salty air from the beach,

I can hear the the enormous  waves crashing on the bay,

I can see people skimming the smooth rocks across the calm sea,

I can feel the the wind buffeting on my body.

Where I’m from I hear the roaring of engines and "3 2 1 Go!" on Need For Speed, on my play station.

I see mum measuring, stirring ans squashing, baking cookies

I love nutr-gran for breakfast and pork riblet for diner,

Playing relays and filling my stomach chilling in the sun and eating some chilli nachos

Where I’m from I can smell fear in GI,

Playing relays and filling my stomach chilling in the sun and eating something,

Me and Bill went to the mall and we brought a ball,

Playing games with the same people and my name is James and it’s so lame,

There are crimes and some are kind and the time is nine.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Sunday morning

On sunday morning I work up and herd the race then I dashed to the front and it was just a reply from race 1 then my mum said the race starts at 9:30. So I ran in the bathtub for a quick shower. Then I came back and it was postponed and I was angry because I was looking forward to the race. Then I watched the replays of all the races and we won a lot of them then we were losing some.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

James Movie Reflection

This week my movie could have been better because it didn't have much detail and there wasn’t hardly any voiceover to go with the movie. The planning was alright it just didn't have much detail. I should do more voice over to give more information to the audience. Next time I should speak more clearly in the microphone so the audience can hear me better.

The purpose was to give information about  the first man on the moon who was Neil Armstrong. this was a major event that happened in 1960’s. Some people thought it was fake because there were no stars and that the flag was moving by the wind. The graphics was good and the animation was good. I have improved from two weeks ago I've improved my planning and improved my voice over.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Team 3 reflection

Hi my name is James Isaako and I go to Point England School.Term 3 is the best year so far because we play sports like basketball and much more sport. I like to play tag with my friends and also like to watch the roosters winning. I love NRL my favourite team is Roosters because my favourite player is in there his name is Sonny Bill William.

Roosters won over the Manly Eagles 4-0 Manly had a strong defence but Malachlo go a try. Roosters are coming first in NRL then comes Rabbitohs then storms, Manly, and then bulldogs. Roosters also won over Rabbitohs 24-12 And that was how Roosters are coming first. Roosters come from Sydney and Rabbitohs come from self Sydney and so Sydney is coming first at NRL.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Sprigbok Tour

In 1981 my dad pulled me out of my bed. “Come on son we’re on our way to the rugby game” he said. All of us protesters came together and although we didn't know anyone we linked arms and went to protest the tour. We protesters had to get past the police and past the rugby fans. They had to wear stuff like helmets and body armor because the police had a baton which they sometimes used to whack us.

When we were in the line we were pumped to see the all blacks our I was. We were nearly in front of the line but then the police pulled me and my dad out of the line. Me and my dad said we were with this man and we got throw. We were protesting about Self Africa changing their system.

My dad was happy when he saw the all black then we saw protests breaking the fence and then we ran on the field and huddle in a circle.
When we ran on the field people throwing stuff one of them was a beer bottle. Me and my dad was happy when we heard the news that the game was cancelled

Monday, September 9, 2013

My weekend

In the weekend I went to my papa’s house and I went to play with my friends that lived next door. Me and my friend went to play on my ripstick but my friend is really bad at riding it and he keeps falling off. Then we went to look for his brother at the park and they were playing touch and then we went and joined in. When we joined in they told me to kick off and then I kicked it bad and it went out on a full.

The pointes were 10-8 to my team and then we went back to the house and eat pig it was delicious. We ate outside in the maranda. We played dart board with  my friend, He also lost one of the dart and it went through a hole and we couldn't reach it.

Then after that we watched all black vs pumas and we won to the pumas 23-15. I watched the wallaby vs springbok and the springbok won the match. Now it’s pumas vs wallaby and all blacks vs springbok.

Monday, September 2, 2013

September 1st

On September the first it was Monday there were a lot of thing’s going on today. It was father's day so me and my family went to my nana and papa's church. I was shy because there were a lot of new faces I haven't seen before. It will be hard to make friends but I know one of the kids because they live in front of my nana and papa's house.

After church we came home and mum was cooking lunch and she was cooking chicken, steak and potato salad. My mum invited papa and nana to come and have lunch with us. They bring scones with chocolate on it they looked nice then we started to eat the chicken and it was nice. Then it came to dessert I couldn't wait to eat the scones.

We digged in I had my first bite and it was delicious and my sister said "Can you give me the recipe"? Then we eat ice cream and cake it was nice we had a sponge cake. After that we went to pick up my sister at work she work's at New World I said to my papa it's gone hot and he said "it is the first day of spring" I forgot that it was the first day of September.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Martin Luther King

In 1963 Martin Luther King had a speech it was called I have a dream. He had a dream to
help people go to the same school. Also that they can go on the same bus but they had to sit in the back of the bus and if the bus was full one of the black people have to give up their spot. There were more black people that were poor and lived in poverty, but lots of the white people lived in prosperity.   

Martin Luther Kings first job was being a lawyer, Next his other job was being a minister. But he was most famous for fighting for equality for the blacks. Did you know that when he was signing books he was stabbed on the back? He went to jail for a short time. He went to jail because tax and traffic offences, they tried to find something what he did wrong so he can go jail. Did you also know that his house was filled with C4 and got destroyed. He got assassinated.

In a america there were less black people and more white people back then. Martin Luther King was fighting for equality between white people and black people. The black people could vote but they made it really difficult for them. Martin Luther King would be happy if he was here right now, because of Barack Obama being the president of the U.S.A.

Martin Luther King made the most wonderful speech in America. His speech inspired many many people around the country. His speech was about bringing peace between Black and White people, also making everything equil. He wanted the black people and white to set together in the bus and go together in the same school.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Movie Reflection

I like the movie but too many shot’s. It’s hard to figure out how the story goes. All I got was that a boy liked her and that he ask’d her out  but she said noo. Then she sang the dreak a dreak.

The movie got to a pot when she rejected him. Some of the part’s a too small But I like the remix of the song’s some of them were old school song’s. It is good to put something funny init.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Nelson Mandela and Martin Luther King

Nelson Mandela and Martin Luther King both was fighting for simple right and make peace for black and white. Nelson Mandela and martin luther king both went to jail. Both of them had face pin. both of them came from Africa and got raised there. self Africans were got sold at america as slaves (servant).

Nelson Mandela couldn't vote along with all the black people. So that was a big advantage for the white people and that ain't fair and it ain't even. But when he came out of jail he became the president of South Africa because black people could vote now. Nelson was a boxer and he went to university at the age of 15. In 1962 Nelson Mandela was gone to jail and he was in jail for 27 years.

Martin Luther King is an american he was able to vote for South Africa. The white people didn't like what Martin Luther King was doing. Martin Luther King was trying to make peace for black and white people. So the white people were trying to find something bad about him so that he can go to jail like Tax fraud and traffic offences.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013


There are a lot of sports like Rugby, soccer, volleyball, Rugby league, touch, crokay, fitness, surfing, hammer throw, 100m sprint and high jump and much much more. My favourite sport is rugby and rugby league. My favorite players for rugby is Dan Carter, Julian Savea, Tony Woodcock and Ma’a Nonu.

Dan Carter plays for the All Blacks and the mighty Crusader his jersey is number ten. He is the kicker for the team. Ma’a Nonu plays in the All Blacks and Highlander. He is one of my favorite players in the whole team in All Blacks and Highlander. Aaron Cruden is my favorite kicker and he also plays for the All Blacks and the Chief’s. Chief’s are my favorite team but they lost against the Crusaders.

Monday, July 8, 2013


One day a boy was climbing a mountain he was struggling and fatigued he was very hungry he said to himself how long is this going to take. When he got to the top he was thrilled to see a house as he was walking towards the house he felt lazy and wasted he said to himself I need food and most in portinly water.

When he got there he was looking at the door feeling hopeful. This man appeared and pointed at the side he thought that he told him to get lost. He looked he him angrily he felt disappointed and sad he sat at the door the hole night. He was showing that he was worthy enough to stay.

The next day came and then the man opened the door and the man said to himself he is dumb he pointed to the side again he felt disappointed. Then he started to frowned and he got angry and he clenched his fist then he stood up and kick the door open. The man came outside and pointed to the side again and he looked to the side and there was a sign saying Please use side entrance he felt embarrassed.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Three little pigs storyboard

                                 This is my three little pigs storyboard hope you like it

Wednesday, June 26, 2013


One day we were going to experiment Oobleck you will need con flour water and food colouring. We had to look on you tube what we have to do. We look at same videos and then all of a satn they came in whit all ingredient.

First you put one cup of corn flour half a cup of water and 2 to 3 drops of food colouring. Once we have put in the ingredients you have to mix it all together and then it will become all hard and then once you pick it up it will melt.

The disrespectful pig

Once upon a time there were four brothers. One of them was disrespectful so they decided to kick him out of their house. He had no money and could not afford a house so he lived in the sidewalk. One day when he found 2 dollars he walked to the shop with a smile till two men took it from him. He was so angry and frustrated that he took revenge on his brothers. He never knew that his brothers had moved into separate houses.

One day he went for a walk and he found a bulldozer in a construction site in the city. He said to himself “I can get revenge by destroying their houses “hahahahahaha”. Then he sent his brothers a letter saying ‘if you are mean to me I will destroy you all’. When they opened the letter they were laughing their heads off “hahaha”.

The next day the disrespectful brother went to their house thinking that they will listen to him. He walked in and said “get me some lunch, I’m starving”. They were laughing “what” said the brother without recognising what he had said he said. I’ll give you a last warning, unfortunately they kicked him out and said “never come back”.He got as angry as he get.

At night He went to get the bulldozer from the city. He sent them another letter saying you will pay for what you have done. He drove to there house and it went pitch black because the bulldozer was covering the sun. They looked outside and saw it. They ran to the strongest house and he whack it and it and it tumbled down and now they live in the bush.

The End

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Glenn Stewart

Glenn Stewart was born in January the 11th 1984 and his first grade game is 157. Stewart plays for the Sea Eagles. Glenn Stewart is a professional rugby league player and plays for the New South Wales team in state of origin. Glenn Stewart position is second-row forward and Stewart is 180cm tall and 103 heavy. Glenn Stewart defence is very strong and so as his attack. His position in New South Wales is back-rower and is one of the best forward in the NRL. Stewart has played all of his club football to date Manly, winning the 2008 and 2011 premierships. he has a little brother called Brett Stewart.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Ben Matulino

Ben matulino is a famous rugby league player he plays for the Warriors. Ben was born in january the 3rd in 1989 and his position is prop he is one of my favorite players. He is 193cm tall and 107 kg heavy. He is one of the leading props in NRL.

Friday, June 7, 2013

Jarryd hayne

Jarryd hayne was born in February 15 1988. He play’s for Parramatta Eels in NRL his position is fullback. His weight is 100kg and is 189 cm tall and he played in a junior club called East Campelltown Eagles/ Cadramatta.

He has amazing speed and skill and he is one of the superstars in NRL everyone nose him if they like NRL. The 2010 dally M Medal winner was course because they scored eight tries in 2012 and it will be the eels’s key attacking weapon this season.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Queen birtday holiday

On Monday I woke up and my mum said that we're going to the movies then my sister work up and my mum told her that were going  movies. Then she said she want’s to go shopping but I wanted to watch Fast and Furious 6. She told us to get ready but my sister was taking forever, so then I went for a little bike ride. I just went around the block. When I came back they were still not ready. My mum told me to just sit and wait but I just went to my room and played on my PSP.

When we went to Silvia Park me and my sister ask “what are we doing, shopping or movies?” My mum said we're going shopping because it’s getting cold and I said to my mum I need colorful staff for social. My sister said “ social is coming up so we need to go shopping”. We have to pick a shop. I was thinking about Warehouse and Factorie. I picked Factorie, so did Rita.

When we walked in you could see a lot of clothes. I went to the back where the boys clothes were. I picked out swag pants. There were a lot of colors. There were blue, black, pink, maroon, red and an armey color. I went to pick maroon swag pants. I tried on size extra small but it was a little bit small. I went to try size small, it was a perfect fit. I went to the jumper section I picked a maroon jumper then we went to the counter to check out and then we went home.

Friday, May 31, 2013

Argument of lollies

There are a lot of lollies like MnM, sktills, candy floss, candy kane, mintys, lollipops, gummy bear, fruit burst, jale ben, Crunchie bar, chocolate, ice blocks and Boost bar.

Children should not eat lollies because it can rot your teeth. When your teeth get rotten they turn black. Once it get’s black it will fall out and you will have false teeth.

If you eat lollies you'll get sick. The sugar in the lollies makes you unhealthy. Sugar is the reason why your teeth get’s rotten. You should be careful of what you eat, especially lollies. Lollies sometimes makes you sick.

Lollies can make you fat and unhealthy. When you get fat you could possibly have diabetes. Diabetes is a sickness, illness and disease. Diabetes it’s when you go over your usual size.

If you always eat lollies try to stop it. It’s is very bad for you. You can get hyper if you eat a lot of sugar. When you get hyper you run and play and that can annoying your mum and dad.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013



Every year there's a lot of people dying from obesity. The oldest obese person that the man sold a coffin to was forty five years old and the youngest was 11 years old.


Obesity is when you are very over weight. Some people might not know this but you might be obese. It’s when you are overweight and not at your usual weight. It’s an illness that can make you die faster, like any disease.


Diet is what you eat and what goes in your body. You can have a healthy diet or you can have a bad diet. A healthy diet would have vegetables with meat. An unhealthy diet would have fish and chips, burgers and cola.

Friday, May 17, 2013

Report (Eggs)


There are three main places where eggs can be laid. They can be laid in a barn, free range and a caged egg.

Barn hens

Barn hens stay in a barn where they can flap their wings but can't run too much because there's too many hens in the barn. They lay their eggs in their nest then the farmer selects it.

Free range/organic

Free ranged hens can run around and stretch their wings. These hens eat grass as well as chicken feed. At night time they go to their homes.
Caged hens

Caged hens stay in a small cage. There are six hens per cage. They can’t stretch their wings and run. The cage is on an angle so the eggs can roll down. There’s an electric wire where the eggs go so if they try to get to it they’ll get shocked. So the hens get used to not going to the egg.

Nutritional information

Egg yolks have a lot of protein in it. Eating eggs can give you a boost for the day.


  • Bread
  • white chocolate
  • Banana                          
  • Natala
  • Sprinkles



Friday, May 10, 2013

My Sandwich

My Sandwich
1. bread and mayo with chicken and tomato and latest and tomato sauce.

2. French sick with a riblet and some letters and tomato and then some salt and pepper and then mayo and tomato sours.

3. bun dread and a pate and some letters, cheese, tomato and salt and pepper and BBQ sauce.

My holiday

In my holiday my sister had her birthday on 1st of May wednesday but we are going to celebrate it on saturday so families and friends could still work. So the day has come it was raining hard there was thunder and lightning it was pouring with rain. It got held at valentines in pakuranga at five o'clock. When we got there at 4:30 and the car park was filled.

We in invited 86 people it was family and friends some people was already there before us. My nana bort a big cake and it said happy birthday paei’i I think my nana got it from a baker or new world it was humagges on the table. Then we said the prae and then people went off to get there food first. I went to get some fish and hot chip's I sat down slowly and then my cousin pulled the chair and then I fell down ow I said he laught.

Then I went for seconds and then I picked rice with some butter chicken it was my first time going to try it and my friend said (  it’s nice once you try it ). I went for my first bite it to it it was nice it look so gross at first and then my cousin went for his first bite he said it was disgusting and the he put it in the middle of the table waiting for the sirvent to take it. I went to look at the cake and then It was all gone but one piece left I went to get it but then my baby cousin grabbed it and ate it he was only three years of age.

Then after a while I went for dessert it was all the way on the other side of the room while I was waiting I was playing on my PSP (playstation portable) I was playing midnight club la remix and I'm trying to cloak it. Then I went for dessert I picked a mouse chocolate it smelt nice and then I went to take it back to the table. I dug into it it was so smooth and nice if I was a judge I will give it a ten out of ten.


Today we got told that we're going to have a performance today for hip hop and were dancing to a special guest we didn't know about but only the teacher know. I Am thinking it might be someone from X factor NZ.  We danced over and over again and then miss M came in the room and said it’s WILL.I.AM and then some of us jumped up and down.

We got ready to go on stage and then we walked done to the Music room so we can walk on  the stag faster when I stood there on the stage I saw WILL.I.AM adams he was looking at me. When the song started we clapping and he was looking at us seriously and then we got the crowd pumping. As I looked to the back I saw camera man’s everywhere.

I got mixed up like one or two times put it was screa I never new some one like WILL.I.AM wood came to ptengland school. When we finished I hopd of the stag and waved it Will he said nice work and I smiled. When we went to the Music room we were all happy and then we ran to the back of the hall when we got there he was doing his speech. He said he lived in a pro town at the east side of LA ( Los angeles ) he got rasd with his mum but he never got to see his dad.

He gave us a check of $100,000,00 thousand dollars everyone was clapping he did not gave it for us singing he gave it for technology like computers, Ipad’s and all that stuff.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Term one my reflection

In term one my reflection was great when I came to school I was excited to go to technology at Tamaki college. My first day at technology was fun we lined up and then we got put into groups I was hoping for cooking. Then I got put in a group and it was cooking I was happy when we entered I was excited to cook she said we're cooking pizza potato it sounded yummy.

When we started to cool we needed one tablespoon of oil on the pan and get some mint and cut them up I was scoping the flesh of the potato and leave the skin put cut it in half before you scoop the flesh out. When the mints is ready put it in a bowl and put your potato in it to and then mix. After that put it in the potato skin and put some cheese on the top. Then Put it in the oven for it to cook and there you go pizza potato.