Friday, October 17, 2014

Immersion Assembly

Every term we always have an immersion assembly. We are now in term 4 of school, The theme for this term is Art Attack. This term we are learning all about art and colours.

All the team teachers have to make an item all about the term topic. It was time for team 1 teachers to perform their item. Team 1 teachers were acting they were at the beach having a picnic while Mr Jacobsen was drawing the point england school reserve beach hard and fast.

Next up was team 2. Their performance was all about the primary colors and also about the secondary primary colors. The secondary colours are when you mix the primary colors together, for example red and blue makes purple.

Following team 2 was team 3. Team three’s performance was all about famous artists. They talked about the mona lisa art work and how much its worth. did you know that the mona lisa is worth more than $1 billion ?

After that team 4 performs was all about art. Each one of the teachers was holding up a famous art work. All the teachers have to explain what their art work is all about. After that the whole school has to vote which artwork is the beast.

The last one for the day was team 5. All the team 5 teachers was on the stage painting something the whole school didn't know what they were drawing. When they had finished painting they showed the school what they painted. they painted the three main leaders in the school Mr burt, mr Jacobson and mrs jarman.

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