Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Nicki Minaj

Nicki minaj is the legends of all legends. NIcki is one of the biggest idols in the world. She travels all around the work to perform all her songs. Her real name is Onika Tanya Minaj but she is well known for her stage name Nicki Minaj. Nicki was born in 1982.

Nicki Minaj is an American rapper and singer- songwriter. She signed a recording contract with Young Money in 2009. Nicki Minaj was a main judge on american idol. She is 31 years of age. She got raised in Jamaica, Queens, New York and United States. She does Hip Hop, R&B, and Pop. Minaj always have wigs on.

Nicki has performed with many artist such as August, Chris, Usher, Drake, lil wayne, Justin and much more. She has be on top of the US billboard Hot 100 allot of times.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Camp Reflection

2014 year eight camp was awesome. Some of the activities were boring but most of the activities was fun.

On the first day of camp we went to waipu to go for a walk. The walk wasn't fun at all because I got all my clothes dirty. We had to walk thru rivers, muddy tracks and dangerous cliffs.
When we finished the bush walk we went down the road to have lunch at the beach. at the beach some people went for a swim and some just kicked back, some of the boys were doing front flips of the cliffs. After that we went on our way to marsden bay camp it was only 10 minutes away from waipu. When we arrived at, we all helped unload the bags from the bus. later on we all got a tour around the camp site.

When i woke up next day it was very stormy. there was terrifying lightning and thunder. All of the activities were canceled or delayed. Later on that day my group and I went down to the lake to kayak. When we were kayaking, there was this massive lightning so close to us and the thunder was tremendous.

When we finished kayaking we had to run in the long grass to get back to the campsite. Later on that day came night time. At night time we had a game it was like spotlight and hide and go seek. When they said start I ran start to the back of the building. Later on I started running back to home base. Once I got back there was only three people there.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Why is it important to have school rules

Rules are the most important things. Rules run the world and run schools and run coupons and much more. Rules are to keep you safe and out of trouble.

Most rules are in schools. The most important rules are always boundaries. Without boundaries in schools thing would be unsafe. With no rules kids would have free agency to whatever they want to do.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Immersion Assembly

Every term we always have an immersion assembly. We are now in term 4 of school, The theme for this term is Art Attack. This term we are learning all about art and colours.

All the team teachers have to make an item all about the term topic. It was time for team 1 teachers to perform their item. Team 1 teachers were acting they were at the beach having a picnic while Mr Jacobsen was drawing the point england school reserve beach hard and fast.

Next up was team 2. Their performance was all about the primary colors and also about the secondary primary colors. The secondary colours are when you mix the primary colors together, for example red and blue makes purple.

Following team 2 was team 3. Team three’s performance was all about famous artists. They talked about the mona lisa art work and how much its worth. did you know that the mona lisa is worth more than $1 billion ?

After that team 4 performs was all about art. Each one of the teachers was holding up a famous art work. All the teachers have to explain what their art work is all about. After that the whole school has to vote which artwork is the beast.

The last one for the day was team 5. All the team 5 teachers was on the stage painting something the whole school didn't know what they were drawing. When they had finished painting they showed the school what they painted. they painted the three main leaders in the school Mr burt, mr Jacobson and mrs jarman.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014


Bugatti Veyron is one of the fastest car in the world. This car is well known for its top speed. This car was designed by the Volkswagen crew. The top speed of the Bugatti Veyron is 431.072 km/h. The standard of the Bugatti won the top gear’s best car in 2005. This car is not allowed to be driven on the road for the tremendous speed it has. This car is used for drag races only. The class for this car is supercar. This car was made in 2005.

The Dodge Challenger third generation is one of my favorite cars. I like it for its looks and its speed. The first Dodge Challenger was produced in 1958-1959. The class ia a muscle car. This is a two door car.

The Nissan Skyline R36 has the fastest acceleration in the world. I think it the best looking car too.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Term 3 Highlights

It’s coming to the end of the term of term 3. Term 3 went very fast. My highlight of term 3 was net ball, soccer and life education. In netball we are learning how to shoot and how to pass the ball. Netball is very similar to basketball because you score a point the same way.

This term we also filmed our class movie for the film fest. The film fest is when all the Manaiakalani schools make a movie to show what we're up too. The film fest happens once a year. It happens in sylvia park hoyts  Xtreme screen.

In life education we lent what's bad for our bodys and what's good for our body. Did you know if you smoke one cigarette you lose seventeen minutes of your life.Taking care of your mind and body is very important for your health.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Pt England Cross Country

On the 11th of September Point England School had their School cross country. The race was held at Point England. We all had to run in bare feet. Everyone had to line up in their year levels. everyone came in there own house colors, I came in my house colour (Tainui) Blue. This event was for Point England School.

When the teachers said “its time for the year 8 boys”, I felt nervous. When we lined up on the starting line I felt even more nerves, so I walked to the side. Once I got on the side of the side Mr Burt told me to come to the middle then I gasped for breath.

“Go!”. Off we went running down to the first turn hoping to get a good start. But no I was nearly in last place. My goal was to do the whole run non stop. I started to catch up to 10th place so I stopped for a break. But when I stopped and walked, people started running past me, so I started running again.

Once I was nearly at the finish line, I looked back and there was no one behind me except for my friend Brent. When I saw the finish line I started running faster. Everyone was cheering me on when I was going past the finish line.

When I finished the race my legs felt like jelly. I felt exhausted when I was drinking water.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Friday, September 12, 2014

Film Fest

This week was just full on film feats planning and filming. I’m in the action seen with my friends. My group is doing Mortal Kombat. We are playing tag team. My character is Sub/Zero and my opponent is Kung Lao. My team meat is Scorpion and his opponent is Liu Kung. It’s going to be brother vs brother.

The plan is Scorpion is going to kill Liu Kang and Kung Lao is going to kill Sub/Zero. We are filming the fights in the green screen room. First we did our entrance to the arena, Then we started fighting. First it was Sub/Zero vs Kung. Kung lao Finished Sub/Zero of with a kick to the Leg. Next was Scorpion vs Liu, Scorpion kept on throwing fire balls.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Ban plastic bags John Key

Dear Prime minister John Key.

I am writing this letter to inform you about the mess that plastic bags are making. I think that you should ban plastic bags because its making mess in the sea, rivers, trees, bushes and on the the roads.

Plastic bags should be banned because its killing our sea creatures .Did you know that in one year, 1 billion plastic bags are used. Instead of using plastic bags you could change the material into a thicker material. For example, cloth bags or paper bags.

Instead of having free plastic bags you should charge people  at least 10 cents. If you will charge the plastic bags less people will purchase them. Instead of using plastic bags for shopping, you could replace them with empty boxes.

Please ban plastic bags because its bad for the environment. If you don’t ban plastic bags please do something about them.

Yours sincerely:

Friday, August 29, 2014

Shold kids exercise every day?

Writing an argument:

Statement: “Children should do some form of exercise everyday”

Do you agree or disagree?

Use the table to help you with your decision:

Children should exercise every day because...
Children should not exercise everyday because...

To be active
of medical reasons
You should exercise every day to be fit
they don't feel like it
to be good at sports
of free agency
to live longer

to have strong muscles and bones

Now you need to structure your argument:

First of all I believe that kids should exercise every to be active. It is better to be active then being lazy. Being active means you’re outside playing or exercising. It means you’re not just inside on the couch watching TV.

You should exercise every day to be fit. It is good to be fit so you are able to do your daily things in life. It is better to be fit then being obese.

I believe you should exercise every day so you would be good at sports. If you exercise every day I’ll guarantee that you will be good at sports because you will be fit.

If you exercise every day one of the benefits you’ll have is having strong muscles and bones. It is good to have strong muscles and bones.

These are the reasons why children should exercise every day.

Friday, August 22, 2014

James Term 3 Writing Sample


Taking care of your mind and body is very important, because if you don't look after it properly it won't function right. Your body is very important, if you don't take care of it then there is great danger of you losing parts of your body. There are two very important body parts you will need the most, arms and legs.

Your mind is filled with heaps of things. Its filled with emotion, love, following actions and much more. Your mind is very important, your mind will control of what you do and also what you say.

If you put bad things into your body like drugs and alcohol your mind messages will get slower and slower. If you smoke one smoke you lose 17 minutes of your life so that means smokes are bad for your body.

Drinking is bad for your mind. If you drink you could be emotional you could be crying you could be angry or you could black out. If you drink drive you would be in great danger of crashing.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Life Ed

In Life education we have been learning about drugs and alcohol and how it affects our human body and what happens.

We have been seeing examples of people that are struggling in life. These people took too much drugs and alcohol. Some of them couldn't get a job because of their criminal records. So it would be very hard for them to get back on track.

There are heaps of ways that you can react when you drink. You could get angry you could be crying and moaning you could be unconsciousness. You could have double vision or you could be in danger and could possibly die. In a normal human body adults can break down one beer per hour.

Teenagers can get addicted faster than adults. There are different types of alcohol, there are beer, wine and spirits. Spirits are very strong, they are stronger than Wine and Beer. The second strongest alcohol is wine then last is beer.

Friday, August 8, 2014

What succeeding mens

To me succeeding means like achieving your goal
The weight lifter achieved his goal of breaking the record for lifting the heaviest weight
This weight lifter is trying to be a gold medalist.

Friday, August 1, 2014


Samoa is participating in 2014 the Commonwealth games. Samoa is located in Oceania. Samoa is the 9th most populated island in Oceania. On the samoan flag the colors are blue and red and has 5 stars. The population of Samoa in 2012 was 187,889. Samoa has a traditional game that I like, its called Kogikogiia and lape.

Samoas rugby team is called the Manu Samoa. Samoa is very good at rugby. In samoa in all the schools Rugby is the main sport. Samoa is a part of the 71 nations competing in the Commonwealth games. The capital of Samoa is Apia. I was born in the Upolu hospital.

Theres a country called  American Samoa. The reason why its called american Samoa is because its owned by Americar. But the other country Samoa isn't owned by Americar. American Samoa is a part of the samoan nation still. American Samoa is also located in the north pacific.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Commonwealth Games

5 Facts that I already know about the Commonwealth Games:

It has rugby
theres medals to win 1 2 3
its like the olympics
there's over 15 games
the countries that are competing is Canada, South Africa, Samoa, Fiji, Niue, America, Scotland, New Zealand, Australia, Tonga and Wales.

Useful links:

10 new facts that I found out about the Commonwealth Games: (include a link to the site where you found your information. Your information needs to be in your own words)

the 23rd of July 2014 is the opening ceremony of the commonwealth games
There’s 17 sports in the commonwealth games
There is 71 nations competing in the commonwealth games
Scotland have been hosting the commonwealth games twice previously
This will be the 20th Commonwealth Game ever
There were no Games in 1942 and 1946 due to World War II
Valerie Adams carried the flag for NZ for the opening ceremony.
The Queen’s Baton Relay is a much loved tradition of the Commonwealth Games
One million tickets will be on sale in 2013 for the Games
The first Commonwealth Games was in Hamilton Canada in 1930

Immersion Assembely

We’re back to school and it’s term three. Our theme for term three is all about ‘Game On’ and the Commonwealth Games. When I walked in the hall for immersion assembly I saw some of the teachers wearing their own nations  traditional clothes, and some were holding flags. Some of the countries where America, Fiji, Samoa, South Africa, Niue, Canada and Wales.

It was team ones turn to perform. One of the teachers acted as Queen Elizabeth. Mrs Slade went to Fiji and interviewed some of the kids at schools and took some photos of some schools. Then it was team twos turn to perform. Team 2 had a video about the Commonwealth games. In the video they acted like they were in a competition.

My favorite one of all of them all was Team 5. It was my favorite because they traveled around the world and they went to amazing countries. Mrs Nua went to Spain.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

My holidays

The second week of holiday is very busy for me and my family Because we have heaps of things coming up. We have my sister Rita’s birthday coming up on Wednesday, and dads leaving the country on wednesday, and me and my family is going to the movies, Also my brother is coming back from Australia and my sister Patricia, Rita and Tinisha is doing the ice challenge twice so that pretty busy.

Elery this morning on wednesday my sister Rita wanted to do her ice challenge at 2am because it would of been her birthday then plus it was ever could that night. I tried to stay up to see the ice challenge but I was to tired so I went to sleep.

 Later on that day at 4pm we went to drop of my dad at the airport. We only dropped him off at the entrance and then said our goodbyes then left . Then the rest of the day there was nothing to do.

The next day we went to the movies in Sylvia park. I watched Age of extinction and the some of my sisters watched How to train your dragon 2. The movie that I watched was very funny and also sad.

Thursday, June 26, 2014



What is echolocation? Ben Underwood was blind but he uses echolocation to help him find his way around. Echolocation is when you make a sound like clapping or making a clicking sound with your mouth. When he makes that sound he hears a little echo reflecting of the wall. Ben hears sound reflecting off something, then he knows that something is there.

When bats go out hunting at night, they also use echolocation to hunt down their food. Bats makes sounds to see if food is around them. Bats use their nose and mouth to make sounds. If the bat hears their echo coming back that means someone or something is nearby.

Dolphins also use echolocation to see people and find their food. Echolocation is very cool and interesting. Here are some links below that can help you understand what echolocation is.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Allblack vs England mach 2

It was a tough game challenge England. The game was held in New Zealand-dunedin and kickoff was at 7. In the first half the away team got the first point form a penalty kick. “Then it got worse” after that England got another try then the score was 10-0.

Lukaly Home side got a penalty opportunity to go for the goal. Aaron Cruden got the kick over. When we were on attack Julian Savea got a big hit on England. Then after that England player Manu Samoa Tuilagi Got a runaway then Conrad Smith saved the day as he catch him.

Then after that we got another penalty kick opportunity, and we also got the kick over. Then the half time score raped up to 10-6.
After half time the all blacks got straight into it and scored the first try. The first try was from Conrad Smith. Then They got there second try from Julian Savea. Then The champions unleashed their powers what we were waiting for. Then The score was 21-13

Then the All Blacks started to put pressure on England then one of England's player got sin bin’d. When the All Blacks passed out the ball wide they sorw gaps that they were able to get twogh.

Once they passed the ball to Ma'a Nonu he got a runner way. He step once then the steps twice then he saw a gap to the try then so he dived THEN THE CROWD WENT WILD!!!!!!!!. But then England scored the last try and then the gapd closed. Then the all blacks won !!!!!!! The score was 28-27.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

State of Origin

Tomorrow on wednesday the 17th of June there is a game called state of Origin. It where two states challenge in rugby league. The two states are New Self Wales and Queensland. Those two states are from Australia. Me and my family sports Queensland. Everyone always sports a team.

Rugby league is an Australian national sport. Since 2006 Queensland has won all of the series. The sport Rugby league was first played was in 1908. The last state of Origin was three weeks ago. New self wales had won 19 times in a row. State of Origin is sponsored by holden.

Monday, June 16, 2014

Nrl Highlights

Last night was Roosters vs Knights. The points was 29-12. In the first half Knights were winning by 12-6. Sonny Bill Williams go hit by Knights!!!!!!. The Roosters got one try in the first half and the nights had 2 try and there both got their conversion over.

On the second half Roosters got 4 tries and the Knights got 0 trys. The Roosters got three conversions over but missed one conversion. Roosters got 1 field goal in but knight did not tempted to go for a field goal. None of the teams got any penalty goals.

The other game was Rabbitohs vs West Tigers. Chris McQueen, Ben Te’o and Greg Inglis are probably out of the Rabbitohs for the whole season. The Rabbitohs got five tries and the West Tigers got two tries. The Rabbitohs got all their conversions over and Tigers got one and missed one. The score was 33-10 (Self Sydney Rabbitohs WON)

The third game was Canterbury Bulldogs vs Parramatta Eels. Canterbury Bulldogs had only two tries and and Parramatta Eels got 5 tries. The the Bulldogs got all of their conversions over but Parramatta Eels only got one conversion over and miss four conversions. Parramatta Eels got one field goal. the score was 12-22 (Parramatta Eels WON)

Friday, June 6, 2014


In the morning we went to assembly. It was all about smart footprints. Mr burt said “if you go online be cybersmart”. Cybersmart is when you go online like the internet you have to be smart and don't do bad stuff because what you go on can show.

In our school we all have gmail and if we send bad stuff to people our teachers will be able to see it. whatevers our inbox our in our trash our teaches can see it. If you download legal music or movies the police is able to find you and you could get a find.

If you go on the internet you have to be careful because there are people that can see what your on. When you go online you never know when someone is looking at what you're doing. So if you go online always be cybersmart!!!

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Explanation about Youtube

Youtube is a site where you can find all sorts of stuff like like music, entertainment, Sports and many more. On the top of the website there is a search bar. The first video is me at the zoo and it has over 15 million.

On youtube you can share videos online or you can create your videos and then post it online. Youtube is a very famous site and it is mainly used for uploading and sharing videos. In May 2010 there was 14 billion views in that one month.

In the search bar you can tape up what you're looking for. Youtube is popular for listening to music.Youtube had been brought by google and youtube had sold it for 1.65 billion.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Homemade Drum/ Saker

Homemade Drum/ Saker

Materials Needed:
Sticky tap
bucket or container
(pant or corans)
little blocks or something that can rater

Instructions for Homemade Instrument:
  1. [First Instruction]....
  2. put your small blocks or something that can rattle into your bucket or container
  3. Then tape the top three times to make it secure.
4. Then decorate the bucket or container

     5. Shake the container or hit it with a stick to make a sound.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Swimming is very important

Swimming is very important because hepes off kids in New Zealand is drowning. We need to learn how to swim in case we will be in a situation where we might drown. New Zealand has one of the worse swimming ratio in the world.

This week class 2 have been going down to the pools and having some lissen. In our lesson we have two groups and they are boys and girls. We have two intercessors that gives us lessons.

People say “swimming is for safety” but I think its for fun asswael.