Tuesday, March 26, 2013


On march the 7th I had to go to the hospital to get an operation for my ear. They say that there is skin growing inside and so they had to cut behind my ear.

It sounded sore. So the day has came I was nervous to get my ear cut my ear, my grandpa is coming to pick me up with my mum.Then I got to the hospital I was rela nerves so we went to the room to give the form in.

Then we had to go to the waiting room and then they wade me and I wade 51kg and see my blood pressure. Then we went to the room where they put me to sleep, they put a mask on my face to put me asleep.

Then I work up and I was dise they asked my if I want a ice block I said yes it was nice. Then they taked me to my room and I was happy to see my mum                                

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  1. Hi James I like your story did it hurt it it looks sure keep up the good work