Thursday, December 13, 2012

netbook reflection

This is easy when I started using this tool it helps me learn and progress and I like it alot most of the time. I like it when we got to take it home because I have to work on it at home to catch up sometime. It is fun and cool to us this tool to help us I got my net book in 2011 and my netbook is still all rate but the only thing is the on and off button it deep.

This year was great because I liked doing maths whizz it really help me and now I’m second in maths age.
I also like xtramath its fun sometimes when I'm moving up it helps me to learn my times, pluses,subtraction and division. Studyladder also helps me to, we have a reading and maths one.

Things I hate are like when it does kill pages on chrome and when you have to turn it on it takes for age.  I also hate it when it goes fullscreen then it stays like that and you have to want for 2 days.
I hate the hinges to because its easy to break and it makes my netbook screen red.
Plus the sound isn't loud enough and webcam it sounds like a little voice .

Thank-you for buying us netbook for school I really appreciate it it was so fun using this tool and easier than book and pensie. I’m looking forward to next year when we work on it this year was fun I hope we have funner time next year.