Monday, April 30, 2012

My Holiday

In the holiday I went to Waiwera pools. When we were waiting I was so exciting Because it was my first time going there. When we entered we looked for a place to put our staff it then we got caged in to my swimming togs then we went to the aquarium.

Then we went to the slades first I went to the greenslade it was scary when I got to the boten there was a whater bloging the exit. Then I went to the yoly slid it was dip pot it is whay first then the green slid it was like fast as a tiger. then we went to the lazy river it was pite lazy but Cezer put some water on me then I was not lazy at all.

When it was night time we went to the move pool and listen to the song my favorite song was Is anyone out there i like that song it's the bom. Then we went to the black hole it makes you head hit to side a lot  it is so annoying. You have to hold your head with wher hand when I got to the bottom I made a big bom.

When we were on our way home we went to BK to have dinner it was so nice for the drink I had coc. the burger was so big. Then we got in the car and drive back home.