Friday, March 7, 2014


Sketchup is a 3D design project and it is also a 3D digital program that runs on devices such as Computers or laptops. You can use it to create things but here at Pt England School we use a 3D printer to print our designs out for kids to play with. You can also create 3D designs and that print them out if you want to.

There's a lot of tools on Sketchup one of them is the pencil the pencil is used to draw straight lines or wiggly lines. Then there's a rubber the rubber is used to erase lines. Then there's a rotating tool it is used to rotate so you can draw on the other side. There are more tool such as the Shift pad, 3D puller, selector and the measuring tape.

To use it you’ll need to download the sketchup app on to your device. You’ll need internet to go on it.

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