Friday, March 28, 2014

Tamaki College Sports

Every friday afternoon Team five students at Pt england school walk down to Tamaki College for sports. You’ll find Tamaki College in East Tamaki Glen Innes. The Year 12 student host all the games and some of the teachers help. Some of the games that we have recently done was Trast Fall.

To play Trast Fall you’ll need six people to play with and one person has to fall of a Chair/Deck and fase there back to the people and close their eyes the others has to catch him/her.There are heaps of activities so as High jump, Relays, Trast fall, Co-Operation, Rope jump, Teamwork, Obstacle Course, Amazing race and Chain Tag.

When we walk down to Tamaki College it gets hot and stuffy especially when the sun shines on use. All of my friends say that walking down to Tamaki college helps them lose weight because its a 10 minute walk. I think the games we play are fun and cool.

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