Friday, March 14, 2014

Fia Fia

Walking through the breeze hearing the loud pounding music going through my ears. The group that i’m in this year is the senior Samoan group. I also wanted to be in the Niuean group to represent my grandpa's side. There are many groups in Fia fia such as the Tongan group, Asian group, Fijian group, Kapa haka group, Cook Island group, and also the Hip hop group and precisely that and many more.

The dance moves that the boys in my group are doing is what you call the fi cau pak’e Its known as the slap dance. Whenever I do the dance it makes my hands goes extremely red and sore. On the day we have to dance in a lavalava and no tops on.

The samoan Teachers are Jlee's mum and also Ms Savaiinaea. The samoan group practice in class 13 or sometimes in the hool. Fia Fia is the 9th of April I can't wait till Fia Fia arves.

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