Friday, September 27, 2013

Where I'm from

Where I’m from I can smell the the salty air from the beach,

I can hear the the enormous  waves crashing on the bay,

I can see people skimming the smooth rocks across the calm sea,

I can feel the the wind buffeting on my body.

Where I’m from I hear the roaring of engines and "3 2 1 Go!" on Need For Speed, on my play station.

I see mum measuring, stirring ans squashing, baking cookies

I love nutr-gran for breakfast and pork riblet for diner,

Playing relays and filling my stomach chilling in the sun and eating some chilli nachos

Where I’m from I can smell fear in GI,

Playing relays and filling my stomach chilling in the sun and eating something,

Me and Bill went to the mall and we brought a ball,

Playing games with the same people and my name is James and it’s so lame,

There are crimes and some are kind and the time is nine.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Sunday morning

On sunday morning I work up and herd the race then I dashed to the front and it was just a reply from race 1 then my mum said the race starts at 9:30. So I ran in the bathtub for a quick shower. Then I came back and it was postponed and I was angry because I was looking forward to the race. Then I watched the replays of all the races and we won a lot of them then we were losing some.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

James Movie Reflection

This week my movie could have been better because it didn't have much detail and there wasn’t hardly any voiceover to go with the movie. The planning was alright it just didn't have much detail. I should do more voice over to give more information to the audience. Next time I should speak more clearly in the microphone so the audience can hear me better.

The purpose was to give information about  the first man on the moon who was Neil Armstrong. this was a major event that happened in 1960’s. Some people thought it was fake because there were no stars and that the flag was moving by the wind. The graphics was good and the animation was good. I have improved from two weeks ago I've improved my planning and improved my voice over.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Team 3 reflection

Hi my name is James Isaako and I go to Point England School.Term 3 is the best year so far because we play sports like basketball and much more sport. I like to play tag with my friends and also like to watch the roosters winning. I love NRL my favourite team is Roosters because my favourite player is in there his name is Sonny Bill William.

Roosters won over the Manly Eagles 4-0 Manly had a strong defence but Malachlo go a try. Roosters are coming first in NRL then comes Rabbitohs then storms, Manly, and then bulldogs. Roosters also won over Rabbitohs 24-12 And that was how Roosters are coming first. Roosters come from Sydney and Rabbitohs come from self Sydney and so Sydney is coming first at NRL.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Sprigbok Tour

In 1981 my dad pulled me out of my bed. “Come on son we’re on our way to the rugby game” he said. All of us protesters came together and although we didn't know anyone we linked arms and went to protest the tour. We protesters had to get past the police and past the rugby fans. They had to wear stuff like helmets and body armor because the police had a baton which they sometimes used to whack us.

When we were in the line we were pumped to see the all blacks our I was. We were nearly in front of the line but then the police pulled me and my dad out of the line. Me and my dad said we were with this man and we got throw. We were protesting about Self Africa changing their system.

My dad was happy when he saw the all black then we saw protests breaking the fence and then we ran on the field and huddle in a circle.
When we ran on the field people throwing stuff one of them was a beer bottle. Me and my dad was happy when we heard the news that the game was cancelled

Monday, September 9, 2013

My weekend

In the weekend I went to my papa’s house and I went to play with my friends that lived next door. Me and my friend went to play on my ripstick but my friend is really bad at riding it and he keeps falling off. Then we went to look for his brother at the park and they were playing touch and then we went and joined in. When we joined in they told me to kick off and then I kicked it bad and it went out on a full.

The pointes were 10-8 to my team and then we went back to the house and eat pig it was delicious. We ate outside in the maranda. We played dart board with  my friend, He also lost one of the dart and it went through a hole and we couldn't reach it.

Then after that we watched all black vs pumas and we won to the pumas 23-15. I watched the wallaby vs springbok and the springbok won the match. Now it’s pumas vs wallaby and all blacks vs springbok.

Monday, September 2, 2013

September 1st

On September the first it was Monday there were a lot of thing’s going on today. It was father's day so me and my family went to my nana and papa's church. I was shy because there were a lot of new faces I haven't seen before. It will be hard to make friends but I know one of the kids because they live in front of my nana and papa's house.

After church we came home and mum was cooking lunch and she was cooking chicken, steak and potato salad. My mum invited papa and nana to come and have lunch with us. They bring scones with chocolate on it they looked nice then we started to eat the chicken and it was nice. Then it came to dessert I couldn't wait to eat the scones.

We digged in I had my first bite and it was delicious and my sister said "Can you give me the recipe"? Then we eat ice cream and cake it was nice we had a sponge cake. After that we went to pick up my sister at work she work's at New World I said to my papa it's gone hot and he said "it is the first day of spring" I forgot that it was the first day of September.