Monday, September 9, 2013

My weekend

In the weekend I went to my papa’s house and I went to play with my friends that lived next door. Me and my friend went to play on my ripstick but my friend is really bad at riding it and he keeps falling off. Then we went to look for his brother at the park and they were playing touch and then we went and joined in. When we joined in they told me to kick off and then I kicked it bad and it went out on a full.

The pointes were 10-8 to my team and then we went back to the house and eat pig it was delicious. We ate outside in the maranda. We played dart board with  my friend, He also lost one of the dart and it went through a hole and we couldn't reach it.

Then after that we watched all black vs pumas and we won to the pumas 23-15. I watched the wallaby vs springbok and the springbok won the match. Now it’s pumas vs wallaby and all blacks vs springbok.

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