Monday, September 16, 2013

Team 3 reflection

Hi my name is James Isaako and I go to Point England School.Term 3 is the best year so far because we play sports like basketball and much more sport. I like to play tag with my friends and also like to watch the roosters winning. I love NRL my favourite team is Roosters because my favourite player is in there his name is Sonny Bill William.

Roosters won over the Manly Eagles 4-0 Manly had a strong defence but Malachlo go a try. Roosters are coming first in NRL then comes Rabbitohs then storms, Manly, and then bulldogs. Roosters also won over Rabbitohs 24-12 And that was how Roosters are coming first. Roosters come from Sydney and Rabbitohs come from self Sydney and so Sydney is coming first at NRL.

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