Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Sprigbok Tour

In 1981 my dad pulled me out of my bed. “Come on son we’re on our way to the rugby game” he said. All of us protesters came together and although we didn't know anyone we linked arms and went to protest the tour. We protesters had to get past the police and past the rugby fans. They had to wear stuff like helmets and body armor because the police had a baton which they sometimes used to whack us.

When we were in the line we were pumped to see the all blacks our I was. We were nearly in front of the line but then the police pulled me and my dad out of the line. Me and my dad said we were with this man and we got throw. We were protesting about Self Africa changing their system.

My dad was happy when he saw the all black then we saw protests breaking the fence and then we ran on the field and huddle in a circle.
When we ran on the field people throwing stuff one of them was a beer bottle. Me and my dad was happy when we heard the news that the game was cancelled

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