Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Assembly Fia fia

WOW Mr barks came running to the stage as fast like a motorbike because all I was doing was listening and then he came out of nowhere. Then Miss M called Mr S and miss V to do a clap dance It was funny. Then miss M made a fast beat to see if he could keep up and the levi done his drumming fast and Mr barks was dancing fast like the beat

After Mr barks dance Hosanna Henry and Uili came out and sang I believe they were well good. Uili sang first and then Henry sang and last sang was Hosanna. Wow Uili is good at singing hes a legend I think he could've won the X factor but hes too young.

Wow I liked it how Kingston blew the shell. It was amazing. I can’t do that better than him. Then Gabriel came and did his Maori stuff he was holding a stick. Then Rita came and did the Samoan dance with a knife. Then some ballerina girls came and danced on the tip of their toes and failed.

After that Isara came in and rode his unicycle on the stage. He was an expert at it. I had one of those at home but I was bad at it. Then next came was the Indian dance it was cool I liked the beat and some ballerinas were dancing to it was funny. Then all the people that had a acked they all danced to the Indian music it was funny.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

All about me

sporty, funny, drummer
Sibling of Kenny, Nive, Rita
Lover of Paris, France
Who fears Vampires
Who needs a PS3
Who gives ice cream to kids
Who would like to see a tornado
Resident of GI