Monday, March 31, 2014

Movie in the park

On Friday the 28th of March there was a movie night. The movie started at eight thirty. The movie was held at the Pt England reserve in central Auckland, Glen Innes. The movie was called ‘Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs 2’.

The movie was for the locals and it was free for everyone. The movie was entertaining and funny. It was for people to hang out and have fun and heaps of families were there. Last month there was a movie and it was called ‘Despicable Me’.

There were heaps of people there and most of them were students, families, neighbors, friends and Point England Students. There was an activity where you have to hit your enemy off their own platform. It was heaps of fun

Friday, March 28, 2014

Tamaki College Sports

Every friday afternoon Team five students at Pt england school walk down to Tamaki College for sports. You’ll find Tamaki College in East Tamaki Glen Innes. The Year 12 student host all the games and some of the teachers help. Some of the games that we have recently done was Trast Fall.

To play Trast Fall you’ll need six people to play with and one person has to fall of a Chair/Deck and fase there back to the people and close their eyes the others has to catch him/her.There are heaps of activities so as High jump, Relays, Trast fall, Co-Operation, Rope jump, Teamwork, Obstacle Course, Amazing race and Chain Tag.

When we walk down to Tamaki College it gets hot and stuffy especially when the sun shines on use. All of my friends say that walking down to Tamaki college helps them lose weight because its a 10 minute walk. I think the games we play are fun and cool.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Cyclone Lusi

1. What is a cyclone? Cyclones are a dangerous kind of storm which should be avoided. Clouds darken, rough winds, heavy rain and all the things that will turn your day to a disaster. It can cause severe damage to buildings, no where is safe if you get caught in the cyclone . This cyclone was named Lusi, every cyclone has a name.

2. What would happen during a cyclone? Houses flying high towards the center of the cyclone is the most brutal part that you would ever hit. Things will collapse together and it will get messy after the storm has past. All that was once your house will now turn into over NINE THOUSAND!!! pieces.

3. During the weekend the weather was extreme. Trees were falling and there was heaps of flying objects. There was severe winds hitting the shore of the beaches. We got advised to stay in doors and keep all light objects indoors. There was serious rain pouring down. It wasn't as severe as I thought it was going to be.

4. To prepare you’ll need to bring all objects inside and you should also store food and water. You’ll also need to bring pets indoors to keep them safe and dry. You should paper candle or a torch in case to power line goes down. You can also store a wireless radio and some bottles of water. Watch out for any flying objects and stay indoors at all times.

Friday, March 14, 2014


Fia Fia

Walking through the breeze hearing the loud pounding music going through my ears. The group that i’m in this year is the senior Samoan group. I also wanted to be in the Niuean group to represent my grandpa's side. There are many groups in Fia fia such as the Tongan group, Asian group, Fijian group, Kapa haka group, Cook Island group, and also the Hip hop group and precisely that and many more.

The dance moves that the boys in my group are doing is what you call the fi cau pak’e Its known as the slap dance. Whenever I do the dance it makes my hands goes extremely red and sore. On the day we have to dance in a lavalava and no tops on.

The samoan Teachers are Jlee's mum and also Ms Savaiinaea. The samoan group practice in class 13 or sometimes in the hool. Fia Fia is the 9th of April I can't wait till Fia Fia arves.

Friday, March 7, 2014


Sketchup is a 3D design project and it is also a 3D digital program that runs on devices such as Computers or laptops. You can use it to create things but here at Pt England School we use a 3D printer to print our designs out for kids to play with. You can also create 3D designs and that print them out if you want to.

There's a lot of tools on Sketchup one of them is the pencil the pencil is used to draw straight lines or wiggly lines. Then there's a rubber the rubber is used to erase lines. Then there's a rotating tool it is used to rotate so you can draw on the other side. There are more tool such as the Shift pad, 3D puller, selector and the measuring tape.

To use it you’ll need to download the sketchup app on to your device. You’ll need internet to go on it.