Thursday, June 26, 2014



What is echolocation? Ben Underwood was blind but he uses echolocation to help him find his way around. Echolocation is when you make a sound like clapping or making a clicking sound with your mouth. When he makes that sound he hears a little echo reflecting of the wall. Ben hears sound reflecting off something, then he knows that something is there.

When bats go out hunting at night, they also use echolocation to hunt down their food. Bats makes sounds to see if food is around them. Bats use their nose and mouth to make sounds. If the bat hears their echo coming back that means someone or something is nearby.

Dolphins also use echolocation to see people and find their food. Echolocation is very cool and interesting. Here are some links below that can help you understand what echolocation is.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Allblack vs England mach 2

It was a tough game challenge England. The game was held in New Zealand-dunedin and kickoff was at 7. In the first half the away team got the first point form a penalty kick. “Then it got worse” after that England got another try then the score was 10-0.

Lukaly Home side got a penalty opportunity to go for the goal. Aaron Cruden got the kick over. When we were on attack Julian Savea got a big hit on England. Then after that England player Manu Samoa Tuilagi Got a runaway then Conrad Smith saved the day as he catch him.

Then after that we got another penalty kick opportunity, and we also got the kick over. Then the half time score raped up to 10-6.
After half time the all blacks got straight into it and scored the first try. The first try was from Conrad Smith. Then They got there second try from Julian Savea. Then The champions unleashed their powers what we were waiting for. Then The score was 21-13

Then the All Blacks started to put pressure on England then one of England's player got sin bin’d. When the All Blacks passed out the ball wide they sorw gaps that they were able to get twogh.

Once they passed the ball to Ma'a Nonu he got a runner way. He step once then the steps twice then he saw a gap to the try then so he dived THEN THE CROWD WENT WILD!!!!!!!!. But then England scored the last try and then the gapd closed. Then the all blacks won !!!!!!! The score was 28-27.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

State of Origin

Tomorrow on wednesday the 17th of June there is a game called state of Origin. It where two states challenge in rugby league. The two states are New Self Wales and Queensland. Those two states are from Australia. Me and my family sports Queensland. Everyone always sports a team.

Rugby league is an Australian national sport. Since 2006 Queensland has won all of the series. The sport Rugby league was first played was in 1908. The last state of Origin was three weeks ago. New self wales had won 19 times in a row. State of Origin is sponsored by holden.

Monday, June 16, 2014

Nrl Highlights

Last night was Roosters vs Knights. The points was 29-12. In the first half Knights were winning by 12-6. Sonny Bill Williams go hit by Knights!!!!!!. The Roosters got one try in the first half and the nights had 2 try and there both got their conversion over.

On the second half Roosters got 4 tries and the Knights got 0 trys. The Roosters got three conversions over but missed one conversion. Roosters got 1 field goal in but knight did not tempted to go for a field goal. None of the teams got any penalty goals.

The other game was Rabbitohs vs West Tigers. Chris McQueen, Ben Te’o and Greg Inglis are probably out of the Rabbitohs for the whole season. The Rabbitohs got five tries and the West Tigers got two tries. The Rabbitohs got all their conversions over and Tigers got one and missed one. The score was 33-10 (Self Sydney Rabbitohs WON)

The third game was Canterbury Bulldogs vs Parramatta Eels. Canterbury Bulldogs had only two tries and and Parramatta Eels got 5 tries. The the Bulldogs got all of their conversions over but Parramatta Eels only got one conversion over and miss four conversions. Parramatta Eels got one field goal. the score was 12-22 (Parramatta Eels WON)

Friday, June 6, 2014


In the morning we went to assembly. It was all about smart footprints. Mr burt said “if you go online be cybersmart”. Cybersmart is when you go online like the internet you have to be smart and don't do bad stuff because what you go on can show.

In our school we all have gmail and if we send bad stuff to people our teachers will be able to see it. whatevers our inbox our in our trash our teaches can see it. If you download legal music or movies the police is able to find you and you could get a find.

If you go on the internet you have to be careful because there are people that can see what your on. When you go online you never know when someone is looking at what you're doing. So if you go online always be cybersmart!!!

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Explanation about Youtube

Youtube is a site where you can find all sorts of stuff like like music, entertainment, Sports and many more. On the top of the website there is a search bar. The first video is me at the zoo and it has over 15 million.

On youtube you can share videos online or you can create your videos and then post it online. Youtube is a very famous site and it is mainly used for uploading and sharing videos. In May 2010 there was 14 billion views in that one month.

In the search bar you can tape up what you're looking for. Youtube is popular for listening to music.Youtube had been brought by google and youtube had sold it for 1.65 billion.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Homemade Drum/ Saker

Homemade Drum/ Saker

Materials Needed:
Sticky tap
bucket or container
(pant or corans)
little blocks or something that can rater

Instructions for Homemade Instrument:
  1. [First Instruction]....
  2. put your small blocks or something that can rattle into your bucket or container
  3. Then tape the top three times to make it secure.
4. Then decorate the bucket or container

     5. Shake the container or hit it with a stick to make a sound.