Thursday, September 13, 2012



In the holidays I went to my grandpa's house and played with the cat. Then later on, my mum called out to me and said lunchtime. So then I bring my food outside to eat and I gave some of my food to the cat then he sneeze oh no and then one minute later I sneeze oh no dammit.

But it was too late I sneezes and I blew the sky tower over wow. That is strong I Am all the way down here and it’s all the way down there. I think I have the biggest sneezes in the world a mum umm I think so ???  you bet son I think you the best sneezes you got to go to the star chip to get an appointment. Then when he got out the docter said you have to drink a midesan but yak.

My mum heard my sneezes from the back room. She said was there earthquake in here or something no it’s just my horrible sneezing. She looked at the room and, the books fallen over pencil case fall holes on the wall the light fall over it was just disgusting like a pig star room.

This room is not plest to sleep in now you have to clean this room up now I am timing you now half an hour so then my mum went to the fort and watch tv. Then later on she went to the back room it was worse than before she was angry. The I went outside and I sneezes I went to town sneezes I am at landion at the olympics stadium the guards was looking for me and then sneezes back to home that was cool. Then I work up wow that was all a dream that was awesome The end