Wednesday, June 26, 2013


One day we were going to experiment Oobleck you will need con flour water and food colouring. We had to look on you tube what we have to do. We look at same videos and then all of a satn they came in whit all ingredient.

First you put one cup of corn flour half a cup of water and 2 to 3 drops of food colouring. Once we have put in the ingredients you have to mix it all together and then it will become all hard and then once you pick it up it will melt.

The disrespectful pig

Once upon a time there were four brothers. One of them was disrespectful so they decided to kick him out of their house. He had no money and could not afford a house so he lived in the sidewalk. One day when he found 2 dollars he walked to the shop with a smile till two men took it from him. He was so angry and frustrated that he took revenge on his brothers. He never knew that his brothers had moved into separate houses.

One day he went for a walk and he found a bulldozer in a construction site in the city. He said to himself “I can get revenge by destroying their houses “hahahahahaha”. Then he sent his brothers a letter saying ‘if you are mean to me I will destroy you all’. When they opened the letter they were laughing their heads off “hahaha”.

The next day the disrespectful brother went to their house thinking that they will listen to him. He walked in and said “get me some lunch, I’m starving”. They were laughing “what” said the brother without recognising what he had said he said. I’ll give you a last warning, unfortunately they kicked him out and said “never come back”.He got as angry as he get.

At night He went to get the bulldozer from the city. He sent them another letter saying you will pay for what you have done. He drove to there house and it went pitch black because the bulldozer was covering the sun. They looked outside and saw it. They ran to the strongest house and he whack it and it and it tumbled down and now they live in the bush.

The End

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Glenn Stewart

Glenn Stewart was born in January the 11th 1984 and his first grade game is 157. Stewart plays for the Sea Eagles. Glenn Stewart is a professional rugby league player and plays for the New South Wales team in state of origin. Glenn Stewart position is second-row forward and Stewart is 180cm tall and 103 heavy. Glenn Stewart defence is very strong and so as his attack. His position in New South Wales is back-rower and is one of the best forward in the NRL. Stewart has played all of his club football to date Manly, winning the 2008 and 2011 premierships. he has a little brother called Brett Stewart.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Ben Matulino

Ben matulino is a famous rugby league player he plays for the Warriors. Ben was born in january the 3rd in 1989 and his position is prop he is one of my favorite players. He is 193cm tall and 107 kg heavy. He is one of the leading props in NRL.

Friday, June 7, 2013

Jarryd hayne

Jarryd hayne was born in February 15 1988. He play’s for Parramatta Eels in NRL his position is fullback. His weight is 100kg and is 189 cm tall and he played in a junior club called East Campelltown Eagles/ Cadramatta.

He has amazing speed and skill and he is one of the superstars in NRL everyone nose him if they like NRL. The 2010 dally M Medal winner was course because they scored eight tries in 2012 and it will be the eels’s key attacking weapon this season.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Queen birtday holiday

On Monday I woke up and my mum said that we're going to the movies then my sister work up and my mum told her that were going  movies. Then she said she want’s to go shopping but I wanted to watch Fast and Furious 6. She told us to get ready but my sister was taking forever, so then I went for a little bike ride. I just went around the block. When I came back they were still not ready. My mum told me to just sit and wait but I just went to my room and played on my PSP.

When we went to Silvia Park me and my sister ask “what are we doing, shopping or movies?” My mum said we're going shopping because it’s getting cold and I said to my mum I need colorful staff for social. My sister said “ social is coming up so we need to go shopping”. We have to pick a shop. I was thinking about Warehouse and Factorie. I picked Factorie, so did Rita.

When we walked in you could see a lot of clothes. I went to the back where the boys clothes were. I picked out swag pants. There were a lot of colors. There were blue, black, pink, maroon, red and an armey color. I went to pick maroon swag pants. I tried on size extra small but it was a little bit small. I went to try size small, it was a perfect fit. I went to the jumper section I picked a maroon jumper then we went to the counter to check out and then we went home.