Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Queen birtday holiday

On Monday I woke up and my mum said that we're going to the movies then my sister work up and my mum told her that were going  movies. Then she said she want’s to go shopping but I wanted to watch Fast and Furious 6. She told us to get ready but my sister was taking forever, so then I went for a little bike ride. I just went around the block. When I came back they were still not ready. My mum told me to just sit and wait but I just went to my room and played on my PSP.

When we went to Silvia Park me and my sister ask “what are we doing, shopping or movies?” My mum said we're going shopping because it’s getting cold and I said to my mum I need colorful staff for social. My sister said “ social is coming up so we need to go shopping”. We have to pick a shop. I was thinking about Warehouse and Factorie. I picked Factorie, so did Rita.

When we walked in you could see a lot of clothes. I went to the back where the boys clothes were. I picked out swag pants. There were a lot of colors. There were blue, black, pink, maroon, red and an armey color. I went to pick maroon swag pants. I tried on size extra small but it was a little bit small. I went to try size small, it was a perfect fit. I went to the jumper section I picked a maroon jumper then we went to the counter to check out and then we went home.

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