Friday, May 31, 2013

Argument of lollies

There are a lot of lollies like MnM, sktills, candy floss, candy kane, mintys, lollipops, gummy bear, fruit burst, jale ben, Crunchie bar, chocolate, ice blocks and Boost bar.

Children should not eat lollies because it can rot your teeth. When your teeth get rotten they turn black. Once it get’s black it will fall out and you will have false teeth.

If you eat lollies you'll get sick. The sugar in the lollies makes you unhealthy. Sugar is the reason why your teeth get’s rotten. You should be careful of what you eat, especially lollies. Lollies sometimes makes you sick.

Lollies can make you fat and unhealthy. When you get fat you could possibly have diabetes. Diabetes is a sickness, illness and disease. Diabetes it’s when you go over your usual size.

If you always eat lollies try to stop it. It’s is very bad for you. You can get hyper if you eat a lot of sugar. When you get hyper you run and play and that can annoying your mum and dad.

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  1. Hi James. I enjoyed reading your report on lollies Did you know that the bacteria in our mouths feed off of the sugar and other debris that we do not manage to clean when brushing our teeth? you managed to remind me not to eat so many lollies.