Friday, May 10, 2013


Today we got told that we're going to have a performance today for hip hop and were dancing to a special guest we didn't know about but only the teacher know. I Am thinking it might be someone from X factor NZ.  We danced over and over again and then miss M came in the room and said it’s WILL.I.AM and then some of us jumped up and down.

We got ready to go on stage and then we walked done to the Music room so we can walk on  the stag faster when I stood there on the stage I saw WILL.I.AM adams he was looking at me. When the song started we clapping and he was looking at us seriously and then we got the crowd pumping. As I looked to the back I saw camera man’s everywhere.

I got mixed up like one or two times put it was screa I never new some one like WILL.I.AM wood came to ptengland school. When we finished I hopd of the stag and waved it Will he said nice work and I smiled. When we went to the Music room we were all happy and then we ran to the back of the hall when we got there he was doing his speech. He said he lived in a pro town at the east side of LA ( Los angeles ) he got rasd with his mum but he never got to see his dad.

He gave us a check of $100,000,00 thousand dollars everyone was clapping he did not gave it for us singing he gave it for technology like computers, Ipad’s and all that stuff.

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