Friday, May 10, 2013

My holiday

In my holiday my sister had her birthday on 1st of May wednesday but we are going to celebrate it on saturday so families and friends could still work. So the day has come it was raining hard there was thunder and lightning it was pouring with rain. It got held at valentines in pakuranga at five o'clock. When we got there at 4:30 and the car park was filled.

We in invited 86 people it was family and friends some people was already there before us. My nana bort a big cake and it said happy birthday paei’i I think my nana got it from a baker or new world it was humagges on the table. Then we said the prae and then people went off to get there food first. I went to get some fish and hot chip's I sat down slowly and then my cousin pulled the chair and then I fell down ow I said he laught.

Then I went for seconds and then I picked rice with some butter chicken it was my first time going to try it and my friend said (  it’s nice once you try it ). I went for my first bite it to it it was nice it look so gross at first and then my cousin went for his first bite he said it was disgusting and the he put it in the middle of the table waiting for the sirvent to take it. I went to look at the cake and then It was all gone but one piece left I went to get it but then my baby cousin grabbed it and ate it he was only three years of age.

Then after a while I went for dessert it was all the way on the other side of the room while I was waiting I was playing on my PSP (playstation portable) I was playing midnight club la remix and I'm trying to cloak it. Then I went for dessert I picked a mouse chocolate it smelt nice and then I went to take it back to the table. I dug into it it was so smooth and nice if I was a judge I will give it a ten out of ten.

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