Friday, May 17, 2013

Report (Eggs)


There are three main places where eggs can be laid. They can be laid in a barn, free range and a caged egg.

Barn hens

Barn hens stay in a barn where they can flap their wings but can't run too much because there's too many hens in the barn. They lay their eggs in their nest then the farmer selects it.

Free range/organic

Free ranged hens can run around and stretch their wings. These hens eat grass as well as chicken feed. At night time they go to their homes.
Caged hens

Caged hens stay in a small cage. There are six hens per cage. They can’t stretch their wings and run. The cage is on an angle so the eggs can roll down. There’s an electric wire where the eggs go so if they try to get to it they’ll get shocked. So the hens get used to not going to the egg.

Nutritional information

Egg yolks have a lot of protein in it. Eating eggs can give you a boost for the day.

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