Friday, February 28, 2014

Thank You letter

Dear Mr Alai

Your help was important because if we did not had enough helpers our class would have not gone down to the beach. We needed your help in case someone was  out of bounds then you could catch them our tell the to get back.

There was  ripper rugby  and  Heaps of adults playing with us. Ms V takes all the sports gear down to the beach and also Mr Jacobson. Ripper rugby is like touch but instead you’ll get two tags that goes on your hips. To get touched your opponent will have to rip the tag off.

My favourite part was when it was our time to swim because I wanted to boom. The water was freezing cold and I got goose bumps. The best bomber I reckon was Calvin, Nathaniel and TJ their booms were high.

From James

Sunday, February 16, 2014


On February the 13th I went to sign up for the Pakuranga Jaguars League team I’m in the under thirteen team. The fees was $45 dollars. After that I just realized that heaps of people was wearing Bulldogs shirts and shorts and then I just remembered that the Bulldogs were coming. Just before I signed the paper I gasped for breath and said “here we go”. After I signed the paper I turned around and I saw that there were heaps of activities to do.

I was just waiting on the steps for the Bulldogs to arrive. Well I was waiting for the bus Some boys asked me if I wanted to play touch with them and I said “yo”. As I was running on the field I heard the Bus arriving so I sneaked of and the bus was just backing up. Alot of people was standing behind the cons ready to hi five there hads I got allot of hi fives from them. They were in the tapolen tent signing peoples shirt. There was A massive line you just couldn't move in that tent.

Friday, February 14, 2014


In assembly there was a lot of exciting stuff going on. There was some hip hop dancing and it was very strange of them to dance at Mount Wellington. The video was great and then all of a sultan the hip hop dancers came running in to the hall. The hip hop dancers names were Neo, Levi, Hope, Mele, Gloria and Tyla .Their dance moves was pretty original.

Then four samoan ladies came out and started to dance. When they finish Gloria asked some questions. One of it was can you show us some moves and then she showed an example and she asked if anyone wanted to try. “I’d like to!” Mr Jacobson yield happily. When he was up on the stage I thought he couldn't do it but then did it. I was a bit surprised that he could do it.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

What empathy means to me

From my point of view of Empathy is about caring about others and knowing what they're going through. For an example your friends mum passed away and he was crying.

If you could feel the emotions he's going through then that's empathy I think Empathy is about If I lost my $100 teddy bear and and u start to think about how he's feeling.

Empathy was hard to learn about and it’s also very had to explain it. I hope you learned what is.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

What are the 3ps

We are learning about the tree 3ps because it about Waitangi and Waitangi is tomorrow.

What are the 3ps? The 3ps are Protection, Partnership and participation. Protection,looking after one and other and also thinking ahead. It also means safety, caring and defence.

Partnership means working together. We also work together at school and some time out of school. Teamwork also relates to Partnership. Pt England works as a team to strive to succeed.

Participation, is all about giving it a shot in sports, music, and learning subject. We also partake in all the subjects. Ownership.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

My holiday hilight

During the 2014 holiday it was soo boring because every day my mum tells me to clean the house. Then the next day my mum asked me and my sister ‘Where do you want to go today’ we said Rainbows End!!!

Then my mum said ‘Ok get ready than’. When we arrived It Rainbows End we looked at the price and it was $42 as I walked in I could hear the people screaming on the fear fall.

I ran straight to the drift karts but the line was massive but I still wanted to wait. When I got in my kart ever one road ther engines and then the lady said “321 GO!!’’ I boosted up to the first turn and every one made the first tern except my sister.

After the I came to the fear fall the line was short. Well I was waiting in line I got a bit scared my tummy was tingling. When I sat down there was no going back when it was going up I could see the motorway. All of a sudden AAAAA.