Sunday, February 16, 2014


On February the 13th I went to sign up for the Pakuranga Jaguars League team I’m in the under thirteen team. The fees was $45 dollars. After that I just realized that heaps of people was wearing Bulldogs shirts and shorts and then I just remembered that the Bulldogs were coming. Just before I signed the paper I gasped for breath and said “here we go”. After I signed the paper I turned around and I saw that there were heaps of activities to do.

I was just waiting on the steps for the Bulldogs to arrive. Well I was waiting for the bus Some boys asked me if I wanted to play touch with them and I said “yo”. As I was running on the field I heard the Bus arriving so I sneaked of and the bus was just backing up. Alot of people was standing behind the cons ready to hi five there hads I got allot of hi fives from them. They were in the tapolen tent signing peoples shirt. There was A massive line you just couldn't move in that tent.

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