Tuesday, February 4, 2014

My holiday hilight

During the 2014 holiday it was soo boring because every day my mum tells me to clean the house. Then the next day my mum asked me and my sister ‘Where do you want to go today’ we said Rainbows End!!!

Then my mum said ‘Ok get ready than’. When we arrived It Rainbows End we looked at the price and it was $42 as I walked in I could hear the people screaming on the fear fall.

I ran straight to the drift karts but the line was massive but I still wanted to wait. When I got in my kart ever one road ther engines and then the lady said “321 GO!!’’ I boosted up to the first turn and every one made the first tern except my sister.

After the I came to the fear fall the line was short. Well I was waiting in line I got a bit scared my tummy was tingling. When I sat down there was no going back when it was going up I could see the motorway. All of a sudden AAAAA.

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