Monday, September 2, 2013

September 1st

On September the first it was Monday there were a lot of thing’s going on today. It was father's day so me and my family went to my nana and papa's church. I was shy because there were a lot of new faces I haven't seen before. It will be hard to make friends but I know one of the kids because they live in front of my nana and papa's house.

After church we came home and mum was cooking lunch and she was cooking chicken, steak and potato salad. My mum invited papa and nana to come and have lunch with us. They bring scones with chocolate on it they looked nice then we started to eat the chicken and it was nice. Then it came to dessert I couldn't wait to eat the scones.

We digged in I had my first bite and it was delicious and my sister said "Can you give me the recipe"? Then we eat ice cream and cake it was nice we had a sponge cake. After that we went to pick up my sister at work she work's at New World I said to my papa it's gone hot and he said "it is the first day of spring" I forgot that it was the first day of September.

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