Monday, March 25, 2013


On 13-16 March 2013 there was polyfest there are pofoments for there coters it happens every year down at Manukau. I went done to polyfest to see my sister she is in the samon cropp for her school. We were going to met our nana there we went to park at her brother's house and we walk down there, there was cops blocking the road that’s why there was a big traffic jam.

We went in there and we had to pay 5$ and then we headed of to the samon stage when we went in otara college was performing and they came first last year. We set our chairs up and waited for timake college. Wall we were Waiting I got to spent 10$ I went to buy ice cream because it was hot.

Then they were here they danced if you danced 20 min and over you're out so they made it before 20 min. Then the scores are in otara college came 3rd tamke college came 2nd mnurea college 1.

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