Friday, August 1, 2014


Samoa is participating in 2014 the Commonwealth games. Samoa is located in Oceania. Samoa is the 9th most populated island in Oceania. On the samoan flag the colors are blue and red and has 5 stars. The population of Samoa in 2012 was 187,889. Samoa has a traditional game that I like, its called Kogikogiia and lape.

Samoas rugby team is called the Manu Samoa. Samoa is very good at rugby. In samoa in all the schools Rugby is the main sport. Samoa is a part of the 71 nations competing in the Commonwealth games. The capital of Samoa is Apia. I was born in the Upolu hospital.

Theres a country called  American Samoa. The reason why its called american Samoa is because its owned by Americar. But the other country Samoa isn't owned by Americar. American Samoa is a part of the samoan nation still. American Samoa is also located in the north pacific.

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