Monday, September 22, 2014

Term 3 Highlights

It’s coming to the end of the term of term 3. Term 3 went very fast. My highlight of term 3 was net ball, soccer and life education. In netball we are learning how to shoot and how to pass the ball. Netball is very similar to basketball because you score a point the same way.

This term we also filmed our class movie for the film fest. The film fest is when all the Manaiakalani schools make a movie to show what we're up too. The film fest happens once a year. It happens in sylvia park hoyts  Xtreme screen.

In life education we lent what's bad for our bodys and what's good for our body. Did you know if you smoke one cigarette you lose seventeen minutes of your life.Taking care of your mind and body is very important for your health.

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