Friday, September 19, 2014

Pt England Cross Country

On the 11th of September Point England School had their School cross country. The race was held at Point England. We all had to run in bare feet. Everyone had to line up in their year levels. everyone came in there own house colors, I came in my house colour (Tainui) Blue. This event was for Point England School.

When the teachers said “its time for the year 8 boys”, I felt nervous. When we lined up on the starting line I felt even more nerves, so I walked to the side. Once I got on the side of the side Mr Burt told me to come to the middle then I gasped for breath.

“Go!”. Off we went running down to the first turn hoping to get a good start. But no I was nearly in last place. My goal was to do the whole run non stop. I started to catch up to 10th place so I stopped for a break. But when I stopped and walked, people started running past me, so I started running again.

Once I was nearly at the finish line, I looked back and there was no one behind me except for my friend Brent. When I saw the finish line I started running faster. Everyone was cheering me on when I was going past the finish line.

When I finished the race my legs felt like jelly. I felt exhausted when I was drinking water.

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