Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Camp Reflection

2014 year eight camp was awesome. Some of the activities were boring but most of the activities was fun.

On the first day of camp we went to waipu to go for a walk. The walk wasn't fun at all because I got all my clothes dirty. We had to walk thru rivers, muddy tracks and dangerous cliffs.
When we finished the bush walk we went down the road to have lunch at the beach. at the beach some people went for a swim and some just kicked back, some of the boys were doing front flips of the cliffs. After that we went on our way to marsden bay camp it was only 10 minutes away from waipu. When we arrived at, we all helped unload the bags from the bus. later on we all got a tour around the camp site.

When i woke up next day it was very stormy. there was terrifying lightning and thunder. All of the activities were canceled or delayed. Later on that day my group and I went down to the lake to kayak. When we were kayaking, there was this massive lightning so close to us and the thunder was tremendous.

When we finished kayaking we had to run in the long grass to get back to the campsite. Later on that day came night time. At night time we had a game it was like spotlight and hide and go seek. When they said start I ran start to the back of the building. Later on I started running back to home base. Once I got back there was only three people there.

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