Wednesday, July 23, 2014

My holidays

The second week of holiday is very busy for me and my family Because we have heaps of things coming up. We have my sister Rita’s birthday coming up on Wednesday, and dads leaving the country on wednesday, and me and my family is going to the movies, Also my brother is coming back from Australia and my sister Patricia, Rita and Tinisha is doing the ice challenge twice so that pretty busy.

Elery this morning on wednesday my sister Rita wanted to do her ice challenge at 2am because it would of been her birthday then plus it was ever could that night. I tried to stay up to see the ice challenge but I was to tired so I went to sleep.

 Later on that day at 4pm we went to drop of my dad at the airport. We only dropped him off at the entrance and then said our goodbyes then left . Then the rest of the day there was nothing to do.

The next day we went to the movies in Sylvia park. I watched Age of extinction and the some of my sisters watched How to train your dragon 2. The movie that I watched was very funny and also sad.

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