Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Nelson Mandela and Martin Luther King

Nelson Mandela and Martin Luther King both was fighting for simple right and make peace for black and white. Nelson Mandela and martin luther king both went to jail. Both of them had face pin. both of them came from Africa and got raised there. self Africans were got sold at america as slaves (servant).

Nelson Mandela couldn't vote along with all the black people. So that was a big advantage for the white people and that ain't fair and it ain't even. But when he came out of jail he became the president of South Africa because black people could vote now. Nelson was a boxer and he went to university at the age of 15. In 1962 Nelson Mandela was gone to jail and he was in jail for 27 years.

Martin Luther King is an american he was able to vote for South Africa. The white people didn't like what Martin Luther King was doing. Martin Luther King was trying to make peace for black and white people. So the white people were trying to find something bad about him so that he can go to jail like Tax fraud and traffic offences.

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