Monday, July 8, 2013


One day a boy was climbing a mountain he was struggling and fatigued he was very hungry he said to himself how long is this going to take. When he got to the top he was thrilled to see a house as he was walking towards the house he felt lazy and wasted he said to himself I need food and most in portinly water.

When he got there he was looking at the door feeling hopeful. This man appeared and pointed at the side he thought that he told him to get lost. He looked he him angrily he felt disappointed and sad he sat at the door the hole night. He was showing that he was worthy enough to stay.

The next day came and then the man opened the door and the man said to himself he is dumb he pointed to the side again he felt disappointed. Then he started to frowned and he got angry and he clenched his fist then he stood up and kick the door open. The man came outside and pointed to the side again and he looked to the side and there was a sign saying Please use side entrance he felt embarrassed.

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