Tuesday, October 22, 2013

My first day of school

On the first day of school I was so pumped I can't wait to go to school. When I was walking to class I was so happy so I ran thir. When I got to school I was shy and scared Then the teacher showed me around the class. Then After That I Meet two annoying boy’s there name’s were Lukis and Even. They were like my best friends but then I just found out they were twins.

Then it was writing time I had to write about the weekend “But I dont know how to spell” Even said. When we finished writing some people got to got to Mr Brut to get a sticker for writing good. Then it was lunch time I didn't know how to play with so I stayed with Even and Lukis. We played ball tag on the park. When I ran away from Lukis I ran into a big kid then he started to pick on me.

Then the bell rang and then Even said lets go back to class now so we ran back to class. When we got back I was maths time I love maths I could do pluses but not take away so I hoped there were no take aways. When I got my paper there were take aways. I was struggling on take aways but I go seven out of ten. Now it’s home time yaa!

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  1. Hey James my name is Laura; I am a student at the University of South Alabama. I am going to school to become a Physical Education teacher (P.E.). I really like that your class is using a blog for homework and assignments! That’s pretty cool! It is neat that you like math, I am not a big fan of math, and I like PE! You have many grammar errors in your blog though, make sure you proof read, or even ask your teacher if you could ask him or a friend to help you proof read. Keep blogging!