Monday, October 21, 2013


Last week on a Saturday morning I had to wake up early around about 5:00 am. My my said (get ready we're going to Nana and Papa’s house) but I thought were going down to Hamilton. When we got to Nana and Papa’s we parked the car in the back. Then we went to my Papa’s car and then it made sense were going in papa’s car down to Hamilton.

Then we set off. When we got on the motorway I saw a yellow Ferrari. It was going fast up to 130 mph. I was just listening to the radio then all of a student I lost signal that means I’m in Hamilton. I got car sick and I became dizzy then I ate some chips and then I felt better.

When we got to the temple I saw my friend Sione. We went on Sione’s computer and watched ‘Planes’ it’s like ‘Cars’ but turned into planes.
After that we went and played handball for a bit then we played with his sling shot. I sling shot him and then he started to cry.

My mum and dad came out then they said were going home now so then I said bye to my friend. When we left I said can we go to Pokeno for ice-cream. My papa said yes. When we got to Pokeno I said I wanted four scoops of ice-cream. It was massive. Then when we got home I was tired and I fell asleep straight away.

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