Wednesday, April 3, 2013


On Easter Monday I woke up and went to the front of the house to see what's on tv. Then all of a sudden my mum said “get ready we're going”. I was tired to get on my feet. Then I just got ready and I asked my mum “where are we going?” She said to a picnic at the beach with Panmure Ward. That sounded boring. She said to get my togs and then everyone was ready and I was still looking. Then I got my PSP so that I won't get bored and then we went to my nana’s house so we know our way she go's the that ward.

When we go there it took like 30 min and then I had to carry a box of fruit. It was tiring I saw a swing up in the hill it was massive and it was long. When I sat down they set up the volleyball  court up and I played on my psp. Then after awhile I went to play on the big swing there was like 5 people in the line. Then I went for a swim it was hot.

When I went for a swim the water was fun and shallow and deep and clean. After a long time the tide was going out and I found a starfish lying on the beach so I started to look for more starfish. The starfish was like I circle and ship.

Easter is about Jesus and how he died on the holy cross. When he went on the cross they hammered a nail in his hand and on his foot. He went through a lot of pain. People spit on him and and threw rocks at him. Then he died. People were crying and crying.

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