Monday, May 26, 2014

guitars explanation

A guitar is a musical entertainment that makes loud sounds. The guitar has six strings that produces sounds of high notes to lower notes. On the top of the guitar we have a tuner. The tuner is were u tune the guitar if you tighten it up the sound will go higher but if you losing it the sound will go lower.

The guitar has heaps of parts on it, all the parts that I know is the tuning keys, sound hole, bridge, nut, head stock, Fret markers, bridge pins and the neck.

When you strum the guitar it goes into the sound hole and then the sound projects out. You can change the sound off the guitar by putting your hand on the freds. If you put your hands closer to the body part the sound will go high but if you put your left hand close to the end the sound will go lower.

To play the guitar if you're a right hand you have to put your left hand on the freds and strum with your right. To make a different sound you’ll have to place your left hand on a different position.

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