Tuesday, August 1, 2017

My day

I have an assignment to write a new song. My song will be about "come up". My day didn't go to well but I'm looking forward to my basketball game after school. We'll be vsing Sacred Heart College. They're coming third on the table so this game might get a little hard, but our coach said "if you guys play good I'll be buying everyone a pizza each" So I'll be trying my best lol. I slept lots but I don't know why I'm still tired.

I'm still thinking if I should move to Australia...... I really want to but then people are telling me to stay. I asked my Dean and she said that I should stay till year 12. If I do move to Australia I'll be getting a entrepreneurship I think it's called? and I'll be moving in with my brother and his soon to be wife. He's getting married in 2 more months.

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